Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Most Important Part

Some people say that the most important part of a bicycle is the engine sitting on the saddle powering the cranks. Others will try and tell you that the bike is nothing without the latest and greatest suspension fork, or the latest group set. And yet another set of people will tell you that unless you have super lite and super stiff wheels set up tubeless with the best tires money can buy, you won't be able to hang. Let me tell you all right now: "THEY ARE WRONG!"

This little 16 gram piece of finely machined aluminum is the most important part. Just replace one of your 1 1/8 inch headset spacers with this little beauty and you're good to go. No more will you have to use some odd bike part to open your beer.  No more worrying that you forgot the opener and don't have twist off lids, and no more being disgusted when you find out that the people running the last race brought the wrong tap for the keg. And, when you're working in your basement you won't have to walk over to the workbench for an opener when you're working on your bike, because you will always be able to open your beer and those of your friends. 

Tucked away neatly you will never know it's there.

So lift your bottles high and toast your friends; it's going to be another great year of riding.

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Anonymous said...

this is sarah with the bike bag, i am sorry i accidently deleted your email. if you want to email me at tigernoose@yahoo.com, we can work out the messenger bag thing!